Are you electric? Of course, you just need to know where the switch is.
– FR

Huw Nesbitt / Dazed:
“Andres Lõo’s voice has developed a light-opera tone similar to Anthony Hegarthy, and the music supplied by Paide is very much in thrall to 80s electronic industrial and post-punk acts like Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and (early) Depeche Mode.”

Jazz Monroe / Drowned in Sound:
“Think late-era Bowie meets late-era Scott Walker, delivered by mid-era Gary Numan; mid-length hair, mid-rent gear, synth-warriors suited and shirted. An element in the music is terribly dark yet beaming somehow, plastically iridescent.”

Björk about the track ‘Melody Lane’:
“I like that song a lot …. Tallinn seems fertile!!”

Timo Kaukolampi / K-X-P:
“/ …you are on top of the world drinking champagne with tanned Euro crowd. Cat people, but not really. Massive synth hits! Chapeau!!!”

John Rogers / The Quietus:
“Faun Racket… / … are hypnotic and disconcerting, culminating in an unusual brand of demented, theatrical dance music.”

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